Spritual Preppers

Spiritual Preppers and Survivalists

We live in difficult and dangerous times. Many readers may have heard about “prepping” and “survivalism”, since lots of people are preparing for catastrophes and disasters (natural and man-made). Some preppers are even preparing for a total collapse of civilization.

Preppers stockpile food and supplies, and make plans to survive. They use terms such as “bug-out” and “Get out of Dodge” to describe their preparations. For instance, preppers have “bug-out bags”, “bug-out vehicles”, and “bug-out locations” as part of their planning and prepping.

One important preparation any prepper should make is spiritual, in order to have the mental resilience and purpose needed to survive. Below are several important items to consider:

  • Grace of God
    The Shiva Boons procedure is an easy way to obtain the grace of God, and it only takes a minute a day. Possessing this grace enhances one’s survival prospects.

  • Kavacha
    “Kavacha” means protection and armor. Kavachas are available as “wearables” (such as pendants) and as audio “stotra”. We present one of the most important stotras, the Mrita-Sanjivani Kavacha. See that web page for more information about the stotra, including the Sanskrit text and a downloadable audio file.

  • Mantra
    The main mantra of the Shiva Boons sādhana is “Shivāya namaḥ” (as explained on the Salvation webpage. The Shiva Purāṇa emphasizes that Shiva is favorably disposed to his devotees, so chanting any mantra or name of Shiva provides protection for one’s life.

    In addition, we provide another mantra which is specific to Mrityunjaya (a name of Shiva meaning “Conqueror of death”). See the Mrityunjaya 10 Syllable Mantra page for details. This mantra protects one’s life from all sorts of dangers, and gives one health and energy.

Thus, if you are someone inclined to prepare for potential disasters, and to survive all threats to your life, or if you just want health and longevity, you should include the above spiritual items in your preparations.

The Struggle of Good and Evil

Most of the catastrophes and disasters people are preparing for are man-made (such as the the collapse of the economy). These are created by a human civilization that violates “Dharma” (natural law). Even many natural disasters are also man-made, insofar as humans are abusing Nature, and refusing to live in harmony with it.

In the Bhagavad Gita (BG verses 4.7-8), Krishna states a “thermostatic” principle that says whenever “anti-dharma” exceeds “dharma”, Nature will act to right the balance, and the evil (“asurik”) people will be eliminated while the good (“dharmik” and “daivik”) people will be preserved. (BG chapter 16 explains the difference between “asurik” and “daivik” people.)

So if one wants to survive, one needs to be on the side of “Dharma” (as Krishna tells Arjuna). One easy way to be “dharmik” is to practice the Boons and Salvation sādhana every day.