Welcome to Shiva Boons

To survive and thrive in this crazy world, you need a sense of salvation, which helps you live fearlessly and accomplish your life’s purpose. We provide an easy way to get salvation via Shiva. (Shiva is the supreme cosmic principle, the supreme Law of Nature, and the personification of what Physics calls the “Unified Field”.)

But in addition to salvation, you want to receive boons to improve your life, and to prove that the basis of your salvation is true. So, we present a simple and free procedure for gaining boons from Shiva. The instructions are given in two parts:

•   Gain Boons from Shiva

•   Get Salvation via Shiva

This procedure (Sanskrit “sādhana“) only takes a few minutes a day, and does not require any concentration, mindfulness, devotion, meditation, or yoga. It’s as simple and easy a sādhana as one can possibly do to achieve boons and salvation from Shiva.

You will greatly benefit from pursuing this sādhana. And, the more people who pursue it, the more benefits and boons you will gain, because the sādhana will produce a positive global effect as it enlivens the collective consciousness of humanity. Once you have tried it, you will want to tell everyone about it.

May Lord Shiva Bless You!