Scientific Evidence

Scientific Evidence and Proof

The sādhana of boons and salvation via Shiva derives from the Vedic literature. But one might ask, how do we know the Vedic literature is true? One of the purposes of this project is to provide some scientific evidence and proof.

The non-dual Vedic philosophy that underlies the Vedic literature has plenty of justification from the scientific fields of Relativity, Quantum Physics, and Cosmology. But obviously, we would like some experimental evidence. The technologies of yoga and meditation promise such evidence. However, although yoga and meditation are very beneficial for spiritual development, it can be a long and difficult path in the present era of “Kali Yuga” (in which the level of consciousness of humans is lower than in earlier yugas; for a very detailed discussion, see the Susiddha AI page on Kali Yuga.)

So, this project provides a very simple sādhana (to gain boons) that can produce detectable and replicable evidence. The more people who do the procedure to gain boons, the more evidence we expect to see. And, the project will be used to collect the results in a scientific experiment, as described below.

The Scientific Experiment

In the future, we will create a means whereby users can share the results of their sādhana to gain boons. A survey webpage will be created to record results in a standardized format which can be statistically analyzed. This will be an example of crowd-sourced science, where each participant does a “n=1” trial, and then the results are combined to provide an observational scientific study.

A Synergistic Effect

We hope our scientific experiment will produce statistically significant evidence. But we have a higher hope than that, to transform and heal the world. The more people who practice this sādhana, the more benefit and boons every practitioner will receive, because there will be a positive global effect as the sādhana enlivens the collective consciousness of humanity. And we hope this effect will be large enough to be obvious and self-evident.

One possible result of this collective synergy is presented on the Avatar Now page.

Shivāya namah!