Mrityunjaya (“Conqueror of Death”) 

Everyone seeks protection from illness, accidents, calamities, and death. This website provides mantras, stotras (“hymns”), and kavachas (“armor”) of Mrityunjaya, who is Shiva in the form of the “Conqueror of death”.

The best known aspect of Mrityunjaya is a Vedic mantra called the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (also known as the Tryambakam Mantra) whose purpose is to ward off untimely death.

Besides the Vedic Mahamrityunjaya Tryambakam mantra, there are shorter (“laghu”) mantras which are much easier to use for the same purpose. We present and recommend one of these, the Mrityunjaya 10 Syllable Mantra, to protect your life from dangers, and give you health and energy.

Mrityunjaya also provides protection in the form of Kavacha (“armor”). We present the Mritasanjivani Kavacha Stotra with audio you can download and listen to as necessary.

The best known story of Mrityunjaya is that of Rishi Markandeya whom Shiva saves from death. Markandeya gratefully wrote a hymn in praise of Shiva, the Mahamrityunjaya Stotra.

Last but not least, if you seek the protection of Mrityunjaya, you should do the Shiva Boons procedure, since it’s a very simple, quick, and easy way to gain the grace of Shiva to get improvement in all areas of your life.

May Mrityunjaya protect you!