Grace and Boons

Grace and Boons from Shiva

The Srimad Bhagavatam Purana tells us that Shiva is easily pleased by merely offering water. In chapter 10.88, Shiva is called “Āśutoṣa”, and He says, “Ask of Me any boon of your choosing, and I shall grant it to you. I can be pleased with just a little water offered by those who approach me for shelter.” (Sanskrit: “vṛiṇīṣva me yathābhikāmaṃ vitarāmi te varam, prīyeya toyena nṛiṇāṃ prapadyatām”.)

Thus, to gain the grace of Shiva in order to obtain boons, one only needs to offer water to Shiva with reverence on a daily basis. A simple but powerful procedure for this is given below. (Note, before attempting this procedure, you must read the website’s terms and disclaimer and know how to pronounce Sanskrit.)

  • Put a small amount of water in a clean glass or cup
  • face towards the North direction (if possible)
  • say:  श्री गणेशाय नमः   (“Śrī Gaṇeṣāya namaḥ“, to remove obstacles)
  • say:  शुचिम् मे कुरु   (“śucim me kuru“, to purify oneself)
  • call Shiva to mind (you can look at a picture of Shiva, if available)
  • say three times:  शिवाय नमः   (“Śivāya namaḥ“)
  • place the water before Shiva
  • say:  तोयम् समर्पयामि   (““toyam samarpayāmi“, which means, “I offer water”)
  • say:  त्वाम् प्रपन्नम्   (“tvām prapannam“, which means, “I seek your protection and favor”)
  • silently thank Shiva for having appeared in your mind, and allow him to leave.
  • drink the water in three sips. (The offered water is now “prasād” or grace.)

That’s it. It’s very simple. And there’s no need to create any mood, such as devotion. The Sanskrit words and the mere action of offering the water are sufficient to accomplish the effect. Do this procedure every day, and you will gain the grace of Shiva for boons.

Next, you will want to know how to get salvation via Shiva.

Shivāya namah!